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Epicurean pleasure

Wine tourism is much more than just a leisurely trip exploring new vineyards. It is a real experience for all the senses: stretch your eyes exploring the vines, crumble the soil in which the vines grow between your fingers, listen to the unique sound of wine being poured into a glass, give your nose the time to appreciate the first smells, and finally savour the flavour sensations on the palate.



The Legend Tour

Discover the Gaillac wine-growing region as you have never seen it before !

Call on all five of your senses as you explore the Gaillac vineyards through our Legend Tour. A unique way of exploring the history of our vineyards and our company, as well as all our expertise. From vine to glass, taking in the various stages of wine production, let yourself by transported by a one-of-a kind Tour that is rich in emotion and sensory and visual experiences. The secrets of the Gaillac wines revealed to you !

dejeuner labastide

Company wine tourism services

Conviviality is our watchword

Are you looking for a way to federate your employees? Or would you simply like to thank them for their efforts? Or perhaps you’d like to organise a private evening event? At Cave de Labastide we have long understood that discovering new wines and wine tastings are synonymous with conviviality and sharing. We’re here to help and support you in creating your bespoke event.

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