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Creators of Legendary Wines

At La Cave de Labastide, we have always walked in the steps of our terroir de Gaillac ancestors
Today we continue to maintain the tradition of these Legendary Wines whilst innovating.
At Labastide we believe that only a blend of passion, boldness and expertise will generate an exceptional result.
Creation is all about following your heart. Which means there are no limits to the greatness of our wines.


Everything started in 1949, we were “Cave Coopérative des Coteaux de Gaillac et du Pays Cordais”.
Thanks to the hard work of our cooperative producers the first wine was produced in 1951.
Today, we are still promoting the grape varieties of our cooperative producers by demonstrating curiosity, expertise and creativity.
The results are evident in the nose and on the palate and  Grands Vins de Gaillac lovers are our best ambassadors for the passion that brings our wines to life.


Our values

Artisans and artists of our wines

From yesteryear until tomorrow, we are cooperative creators of Legendary Wines. In the heart of the oldest vineyards in France, our diverse, creative terroir enables us to meet all expectations.
These roots drive our bold and modern approach, which we put into practice through innovative solutions that respect production methods and the environment.


Our Wine Cellar

Past, present and future talent

Founded in 1949, we were very first cellar of the cooperative movement in the Gaillac terroir. Its generous architecture with stone features was designed by architect Paul Brès.
Many extensions have been added to the original, basic cellar, allowing us to guarantee the success of our cooperative wine-growers’ farms today.



Our Vineyard

A complex, generous vineyard

Mild Atlantic conditions combined with Mediterranean heat. Varied terroirs, an old vineyard, carefully selected grape varieties, cultivation practices that reflect the terroir and respect the environment...  
This has been our secret for more than 70 years, enabling us to offer you a extraordinarily diverse range of wines.



Our store

The adventure begins

Find out about the most precious aspect of the Gaillac terroir. We have created a beautiful setting for you to discover all of the La Cave de Labastide wines. We will be delighted to welcome you and share the passion of the Labastide wine producers through our wine tastings.

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