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Creators of Legendary wine…

These words engraved on the pediment of the cellar held our brand vision. They reflect the audacious state of mind and the Tarn character very specifically enlivening our vintners. Those words are also define our vineyard. They define Labastide wines and perfectly summarize the diverse aspects of our unique cellar.
A cellar located on the banks of the river Tarn, an ancestral terroir, inspiring and timeless.
Between yesterday and tomorrow…

History as a root of our modernity

At Maison Labastide, we are creators. Creators of Legendary wines, at the heart of the oldest vineyard of France producing wines since the establishment of vines by the Romans in the 1st century B.C! Those roots project us towards the future. Full of history because our land is even richer and more creative.


Near Maison Labastide are magical places of architectural heritage: Albi, Cordes sur Ciel, Toulouse and the medieval city of Carcassonne… Emblematic places shining through the centuries, solid and eternal. These places are inspiring us every day by their majesty. We are proud of our past and the exceptional cultural surrounding.

At Maison Labastide we are guided and held by this heritage. It gives a meaning in our search for quality, and brings the will to carry on with our ancestral knowledge of wine. This tradition pushes us to continue in an audacious and modern path, that we put into practice in production method and advanced technology.

Our terroir as source of inspiration

Nature gives us a specific terroir encouraging us to be wine creator! A terroir that allows Maison Labastide to picture and draw the most diverse expressions of wine, to answer several of our consumers’ expectations and tastes. We produce easy-to-drink wine but also complex and elegant wines that have the potential to be aged, as well as wines to party !


Our terroir benefits from a double influence in climate: one from the Atlantic ocean and a Mediterranean influence. It is divided in four different parts, each one of them offering potential and differences. Our cellar is the only one in the region that produces wine from these four terroirs: the Cordais Plateau, the hillsides on the Right Bank, the terraces on the Left Bank, and the Noyau de Cunac. We also find inspiration and creativity in the diversity of our grapes. We work with international grape varieties and local grapes bringing originality and a typical style to our wines (Mauzac, Loin de l’oeil, Muscadelle, Duras, Braucol…).

From this diversity of terroir and grape varieties, we make wine and develop an amazing high quality wine range within the Gaillac Appellation: Sparkling, Perlé white, sweet, dry white, rosé, red and Primeur !

Craftmen and artists of our wines

In this exceptional environment, we, the people of Labastide, are naturally inspired ! We are led by the cooperative spirit since the opening of the cellar in 1949.


In Maison Labastide, the oldest wine making cellar of Tarn, our vintners maintain this commitment to create rich and diverse AOP wines from Gaillac. They have an ambition, to support and transmit their precious know-how and be part of the continuity, remaining faithful to the Gaillac Appelation requirements.

Our vintners are both craftmens and artists of our wines.  Craftmen because they respect classic techniques and wines. Artists because they provide innovative solutions and are always looking for unexplored assets in the wines. At Maison Labastide, we like the work done well respecting the production methods. We aim, with all of the vintners, to exploit the potential of our 4 terroirs and dream on our cellar master what we called “Legendary Wines”, such as le Perlé, le Cunac or the Gaillac Method wine.

We would like, together, to offer and share our legend, the real and wonderful wines of Gaillac with the majority.
They fascinate us and offer all the spirit of sharing, conviviality and generosity typical from the South West !

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