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Our terroir

The variety of terroirs and the seniority of the vineyard allow us to present a traditional diversity in grape variety that brings richness and aromas to the wines.


Ideally located along the river Tarn, at the heart of a region full of history and recognized for its exceptional cultural heritage with Albi (UNESCO), Cordes sur Ciel, and its proximity with Toulouse and the medieval city of Carcassonne, is a unique land benefiting from a double influence of the climate, mild oceanic and warmness from the Meditterranean.

The mild oceanic climate, limits the risks of frost and allow a good water supply for the vine. 
The warmness of the Mediterranean, in summer and autumn, highlighted by the Autan wind, assure a good maturity of the grapes. The harvest is usually taking place under a beautifully mild weather into the sunny evenings.

This double influence of the climate benefits the terroirs that are as typical as surprising:

  • The terraces on the Left Bank: This part of the vineyard is located along the Tarn river, on gravelly soils well exposed. 
  • The hillsides on the Right Bank facing south and protected by the forest of Grésigne and Sivens, it dominates the Tarn Valley. The soils are a mix of clay and limestone.
  • The Cordais Plateau near the medieval city of Cordes sur Ciel, it dominates the Valley of the Vère. This terroir is characterized by its white limestone soil with rocks.
  • The Noyau de Cunac at the East of Albi, is part of the Gaillac vineyard, naturally oriented towards the production of Gamay that allows the production of new wines and primeurs of great quality.

Our grape varieties

Thanks to the richness of the terroirs and the typicality of the local, Maison Labastide is able to produce wines for a large range of grape variety. Some of them are recognized internationally and others are typical from the region.

Thanks to the richness of the terroirs and the typicity of the local grapes, Maison Labastide offers an extremely diverse range of wines: dry and sweet whites, slightly dizzy or sparkling, red, rosé and primeur. True creator of legendary wines, Labastide is also the inventor of the Gaillac Perlé, an emblematic wine from the Gaillac appellation, made with a natural and innovative wine making process.


White grape varieties

  • Mauzac is a traditional grape from the appellation. Very good in producing white dry, sweet or sparkling wines. It has typical aromas of apple and pear. Its gives tender wines with a good and balanced acidity. This grape is almost only in Gaillac. 
  • Loin de l’oeil named after the occitan « Len de l’El » (far from the eye). The elderly people called it like this because the vines has a very long stalk and the grape is far from the eye (the eye in viticulture being the vine bud) that produces it. This grape variety is exclusively from Gaillac. It produces wine with floral aromas, very subtle. It brings freshness, suppleness and can also be blend with Mauzac.

Red grape varieties

  • Duras is one of the oldest grape variety. It has been restored for the last 20 years. It gives color, suppleness, and finesse to the wine. It brings aromas for black pepper or spices. It is also used in the production of Gaillac Rose. 

  • Braucol, also called Fer Servadou, gives colored, fleshy and rustic wines. Its aromas, very characteristics and originals, evokes blueberry, raspberry, wrinckled sheet, and pepper.  It can be consumed young or after few years of ageing. 

  • Syrah, mediterranean origin, it adapts well on the well oriented slop. Used with measure, it brings to Gaillac, body and aromatic complexity. 

  • Gamay is the only grape variety allowed in the production of the Gaillac Primeur. It established itself very well in the region, and has been offering for several years, a national recognition to the appellation.

7 types of wines

Thanks to the richness of its terroir and the typicity of the local grapes, Maison Labastide offers a wide range of wines extremely diverse.

  • AOP Gaillac Effervescent :
    Produce with the ancestral method, it is the only sparkling wine from the South West. It is also produced in Brut, semi-dry and Brut rosé.
  • AOP Gaillac Blanc Perlé :
    Its particular making process allow it to keep a slightly fizz, giving it a great feeling of vivacity and freshness.
  • AOP Gaillac Sweet white :
    Marked with fine aromas of apple and pear, notes of honey and figs that gives in mouth great suavity.
  • AOP Gaillac Dry white :It develops a pale yellow color with green changing hues, its nose is intense and delicately structured with subtle aromas.
  • AOP Gaillac Rosé :
    A fine wine, with fruity aromas and bright color. It offers a great compromise between roundness and vivacity.
  • AOP Gaillac Red :
    With a deep color and a powerful nose, it has a delicate balance with flavors of red fruits and spices.
  • AOP Gaillac Primeur :Atypical and festive, this seasonal wine is made from Gamay and participate to the legendary tradition of Gaillac.
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